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Ariana Grande’s Alleged Diva-like Attitude Causes Her Life Coach to Resign

Recently, 21-year-old pop sensation Ariana Grande has been plagued by rumors. Just as quickly as she shot to fame, so have rumors developed regarding her alleged diva-like behavior and bad attitude. This time, instead of leaving a hopeful fan disgruntled, she may have lost a member of her entourage because of her antics.

Celebrity news outlet Page Six reported that Grande’s life coach, whose job it was to keep the songstress balanced, focused, and healthy, reportedly quit months ago due to her bad attitude. According to a close source, Isaac Calpito just couldn’t take it anymore. He also claimed that all the rumors regarding Grande’s poor behavior are indeed true.

“There is a fine line in the world of “celebrities” between the roles of a coach and image consultant. The “difficult” character of Ariana should be treated with an essential premise, and is. Ariana must be aware the consequences of her behavior, even more important, to have the desire to change it. Otherwise Ariana’s coach will waste their time and Ariana her money,” says Gerardo Ariño, President andamp; Founder, Let’s Do Coaching.

Grande has long been accused of displaying a dislike of her fans. The former Nickelodeon star, whose breakout hits include “Bang Bang” and “Problem,” has been deemed difficult to work with, with rumors circulating that she routinely belittles and talks down to staff. Additionally, the singer only allows photos to be taken of her on her left side, and ensures publicists make this known. The latest accusations involved Grande storming off of a photo set after a verbal altercation with a photographer.

Oh, and the iconic ponytail Grande sports? According the Calpito, that is fake too.

Grande’s life coach, who was also her choreographer, took to social media to defend his stance and clarify details of the split. In a series of tweets, Calpito emphasized that he willingly resigned and was not fired, and denied allegations that he had starved the artist by encouraging her not to eat. He added that although he wants his clients to be healthy and fit, this does not including not eating a balanced diet. Calpito ends on a positive note, citing that even if he had a juicy story to sell, he would not do so out of respect for Grande, and that he has fond memories of their working relationship. In his final tweet, he states that he is and will forever be a lifetime fan of the artist.

Calpito is also encouraging fans to refocus their energy to loving and supporting Grande.

Despite various rumors, Grande still remains a strong contender in the world of pop princesses, with many calling her the next Mariah Carey due to her vocal range and pitch. The only question that remains is, will Grande ever be able to dethrone Queen Bey?

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