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New York Attorney General Launches App to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure Scams

A new web-based app, designed to help New Yorkers determine the legitimacy of foreclosure rescue offers, was launched on Tuesday by New York StateR...

New Ultrasound Technology Lets Users See and Touch 3D Shapes in Thin Air

Haptics, or touch feedback technology, has changed rapidly over the course of the past few years. Now, the Bristol Interaction and Graphics group has ...

Baz Luhrmann Designs Barney’s Holiday Party At the Zoo

If there’s anyone that knows how to throw a holiday party, it’s Baz Luhrman. The famed director of such spectacles as Moulin Rouge and The...

Women Experience 50 Bad Skin Days Every Year

It’s no secret that women worry about their skin. There is an entire industry built on creating products to fix or cover up facial imperfections...

New Battery Belt is the Solution for All Your First World Problems

Arguably the biggest “first world problems” that modern day young people suffer from are their smart phone batteries dying, and their skin...