Thursday, June 13

Women Experience 50 Bad Skin Days Every Year

It’s no secret that women worry about their skin. There is an entire industry built on creating products to fix or cover up facial imperfections. The question is, just how much of a problem is problem skin causing us in our daily lives?

Well, as a new study by Superdrug shows, the average woman suffers through 50 bad skin days over the course of one year. However, the problem extends well beyond those 50 days, as women spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about the appearance of their skin.

Two thousand adult women were polled, and found that one in three women avoid talking to people because they are so insecure about the state of their skin. One in 20 will avoid speaking to the opposite sex if they are having a “bad skin” day.

It’s more serious than just insecurities, however. Spotty skin leads to depression in one out of five women, and one third of women report that a bad skin day makes them feel ugly.

Acne is the most common complaint, with 47% of adult women still suffering from those dreaded spots. Though generally thought of as a teenage affliction, 24% of women report that their skin is worse now than it was in their teenage years. The average female actually experiences their worst acne at the age of 24.

“The product most suited to repair the damage after the collagen depletion has been addressed over a period of time is C Rum, a vitamin C serum which penetrates deep into the skin,” says Jacqui Dunal, Founder, Naturel Collagen. “The serum works to clear skin from age spots, under the eye dark circles, freckles, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. It contains all-natural products, including vitamin C and E. C Rum is instrumental in collagen stimulation and growth. By simply applying several drops on the skin twice a day, before applying collagen, the serum begins working immediately.”

Jill Flood, Own Brand Beauty Manager at Superdrug, said: “The general assumption is that we suffer the most problematic skin in our teens – but this research shows this isn’t necessarily the case. Most women will have some type of skin complaint, and adult acne is quite a common affliction for women to suffer from, so it’s understandable that most women experience bad skin days.”

The next two most common skin complaints were redness and dry, flaky skin, followed by whiteheads, shiny, oily skin, and acne scarring. Bad skin often coincides with “that time of the month,” and one in 20 said their skin looked terrible when they were pregnant.

“The reason why our skins becomes dry is and not pliable is lack of collagen which starts depleting once we reach the age of 25,” says Dunal. “The method of extracting collagen directly from fish skin, which has been invented in Poland, is revolutionary for cosmetology. Fish collagen hydrates have been announced to be the most natural anti-aging cosmetics in the world and have been very popular for the last few years.”

Many women, 45% of those polled, believe the overall quality of their life would drastically improve if only their skin were clearer. A third of women believe clearer skin would improve their love life, and 23% thought their career would improve.

Even more concerning, well over half (58%) said they are constantly comparing the state of their skin to other women’s.

“We can’t underestimate just how much someone can be impacted by the appearance of their skin.” Flood says. “But it’s important not to let it get in the way of your everyday life. There are products that are out there which remedy spots, dry skin, and any other complaints you may be suffering from. ”

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