Saturday, June 22

Would You Let Your Wedding Photographer Use a Drone?

Every couple wants their wedding pictures to be completely unique — one of a kind — with some even going so far as to have a Tyrannosaurus Rex photoshopped in. Now, Iowa-based Picture Perfect Portrait and Design has literally made the sky the limit for wedding photography by offering drone photography.

The idea came to Dale Stierman, photographer and owner of Picture Perfect Portrait and Design when he saw drones being used for real estate.

“I thought it was a great idea and just knew there was an angle for wedding photography,” Stierman said to The Huffington Post. “There are endless possibilities for camera angles that no other photographer can get.”

However, it’s not easy. Stierman says that he can’t shoot an entire wedding with his drone, but he can use it for about 30 minutes, which means that everything must be planned prior to the wedding.

“We plan it out about a week before the wedding, then we have the shots set up when it’s time to shoot,” said Stierman.

In order to make these 30 minute sessions go as efficiently and smoothly as possible, Stierman has a professional piloting the drone, and communicates via two-way radios with his ground team, who direct the wedding party on what to do and where to go.

“The use of a drone camera is very creative and innovative,” says Fred Tilner, Marketing Executive at 42nd Street Photo, a popular New York camera store. “I’m not sure there is consumer demand for this kind of technology, but for professional photographers, architects and real estate professionals, it has a lot of potential.”

Picture Perfect Portrait and Design can shoot all over the country. Couples interested in adding a drone to their wedding photography package can purchase this service for about $400.

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