Friday, June 21

Workday Releases New Application to Integrate HR and Recruitment

Every recruitment agency works to find businesses the best employees. They utilize a number of methods to reach out to potential candidates, including online portals that make recruitment more efficient and effective. Recently, Workday, a human resources and financial applications provider, released a new cloud-based integrated system, Workday Recruiting, that manages several recruitment functions, as well as HR.

The company has traditionally only provided several clients with HR systems to manage employee functions, but clients urged Workday to develop an advanced system that incorporates ways to view and manage potential recruits. As a result, the new human capital management applications are intended to benefit recruiters, managers, interview team members, and also potential candidates through one unified system.

Companies can even use the new apps to consider internal candidates for a position, whether they apply for a the job or not. The software is designed to identify employees already in the company that match a job description, and can even extend the application to the position through the HCM system within a few clicks.

Recruiters often spend a significant amount of time entering data and information about these applicants into company databases, but with the new system, candidates can submit their Linkedin profiles, and even upload their resumes and cover letters directly via the app. Workday has also added a data extraction component to the app that automatically enters key information into a candidates online profile.

One of the advantages of Workday Recruiting is its convenience for all managers involved in the hiring process. From the CEO, to recruitment agents, to team members, the integrated system gives each of these individuals access to the same information, and they can log in from a mobile device.

According to Forbes, Workday began developing the integrated product over two years ago, but did not release it until they felt the market was sufficiently competitive. Other products, such as Oracle and SAP, offer similar recruitment cloud-based apps, but Workday’s core staff is not concerned. While workflows in recruitment systems can be rigid, Workday’s new app gives hiring teams the flexibility to alter the recruitment process as needed, according to Workday’s VP of HCM products, Leighanne Levensaler. She adds that the collaborative aspect of this app is what makes it efficient.

Currently, Workday Recruiting has garnered about 70 customers, including Equifax, and McKee Foods. 

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