Wednesday, June 19

Why You Should Buy a Portable Storage Container

We don’t have to tell you that moving is a challenge. You really only have two options: DIY or hire it out. However, some cool solutions exist now which means your move will be less frustrating. Hello, portable storage container.

Benefits of Storage Containers

  • Storage containers come in three sizes: 12, 16, and 20 feet. They’re stackable, too, in case you need more than one unit.

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  • The units are made of steel. No weather or collisions with anything will dent them. They’re insulated. Pests will be out of luck, too.
  • Security is important everywhere. Storage containers come with steel bar locks. You can also put a padlock on it for extra protection.
  • The storage unit is delivered to your door. When you load it, it’s picked up and dropped off at your new house.

It’s About Convenience

Moving companies have time constraints, so a portable storage container means you load it at your own pace. Since you’re DIY-ing, you won’t be paying daily fees or mileage for a moving truck. Trucks require ramps to reach the trailer; storage units are at ground level and are easier to load.

Mobile storage pods are a blessing for movers who don’t want to pay moving company prices, use the moving company’s schedule, or worry about the safety of their belongings. Mobile storage units are more convenient and cost-effective.


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