Saturday, July 13

What Will My Dog Be Doing at Doggy Day Care?

People love dogs. According to Webinar Care, at least one dog is in 37% of all American homes. A lot of those people have to work, though which leaves them with a quandary – do they leave the dog at home alone where they could have separation anxiety or do they send them to doggy day care? You might be a dog owner who is faced with this, too. That can make you wonder about what goes on at a place like this. Here are some things that your dog will do:

They Will Learn Socialization Skills

Is your dog still learning how to get along with other dogs? Doggy day care can help them with that. There will be people who are trained at guiding dogs to get along with each other. If there’s some uncertainty at first, they may slowly integrate them with the group. But after a while, your dog will usually be running around and playing with their other canine buddies.

They Will Get Exercise and Stimulation

One of the best things about doggy day care is that it will keep your dog busy rather than possibly bored at home, where they could do things like destroy your sofa or other furniture. Instead, your dog will be active and have their attention on the things going on with the staff members and other dogs. This will also help them sleep much better at night and keep them fit.

They Will Get One-On-One Time

A lot of dogs like to spend time with people. They are social creatures. At the day care center, they will likely get some quality time with a staff member. That way, they get some human interaction throughout the day. It beats having them staring at the door, waiting for you to come home.

Of course, there are a few factors that go into your dog being accepted into a place like that. They have to have a good vet check-up, and they have to not be aggressive. It also depends on your budget. You might have to weigh the cost of the center vs the cost of replacing damaged furniture. Then it should be an easy one.

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