Saturday, June 22

What its like to be a Propane Technician

If you have ever wondered what a propane technician does in a day at the office, then this video is tailor-made for you. The video follows the duties of propane technicians who start the day by finding out what orders or tasks need completing throughout the day.

Video Source

The video shows the process of technicians having to load a new tank for a customer and a note is made on how they need to make sure that they have all the tools they need to do a thorough job. The way the technicians remove the old tank and make way for the new one is shown in the video.

These technicians take their jobs seriously and aim to please their customers each and every time, so they will take their time in aligning the position of the customer’s tank so it sits perfectly straight.

After they place the tank, they add on a new regulator and perform a leak check. With the morning tasks done, afternoon propane deliveries are made, but an inspection will be done first to make sure everything’s in order. Once the day’s deliveries are made, the technicians will reload trucks in preparation for the next day.

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