Thursday, June 13

What Is a C14 to C15 Power Adapter?

What is a C14 C15 power cord? What are they used for? Where can you find these power cords? In this video, an expert will go over what a C14 to C15 power adapter and show us what it looks like and demonstrate what it can be used for. You may be able to use this power adapter at home or at your warehouse.

Video Source

No matter where, this video can show you how easy it can be used for your cabling project.

The C14 to C15 power adapter features an IEC C14 connector on one side with an IEC C15 connector on the other side. This means that you can plug something into it or you can use it to plug an outlet. The adapter shown is rated for 15 amps at 250 volts, so check to ensure you are not exceeding 250 volts when using this. You can even change a C13 cable into a C15 cable, if you need to. C14 to C15 power adapter is a great solution for your cabling projects, like I’ve said before. Watch this entire video to see this power adapter and see how it is used.


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