Wednesday, June 19

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-Based CRM Solutions for Higher Education?

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CRM solutions can help private education institutions as much as they help large corporations. Cloud-based CRM solutions for higher education help engender more student engagement, faster response to student issues, and an improved ability of the university to achieve their mission.

Higher education that use CRM, like Salesforce, typically find an increase in the number of applications along with a reduction in applicant processing time. It makes the entire enrollment process more efficient. The movement to a paperless process ensures proper records are kept as universities adapt to the digital era.

CRM solutions allow universities to consolidate a plethora of data on their students. In turn, they’re better able to guide students throughout their academic career. Whether the university is scouting for prospective applicants or helping a student finish their post-graduate degree, CRM systems plays an important role.

CRM solutions allow university staff to bypass tedious operational tasks. Instead of working with thousands of cells on a spreadsheet, they can store information in a cloud-based platform. They can improve their communication with automated solutions and optimize their recruitment process.

For more information on cloud-based CRM solutions for higher education institutions, check out the video in the link above.

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