Saturday, July 13

Vinyl Siding Project Breakdown

One area of the home that most people may forget about is the siding. It helps keep the house insulated and protects the sides of the house from the elements. Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for house siding and this video talks about how contractors can accurately estimate the cost of a home siding installation.

First, you want to measure out where the siding will go and take pictures of every angle of the house. The measurements plus pictures will give you a more accurate estimation of how much vinyl you will need to purchase to finish the job.

Video Source

You want to start by measuring the standard wall surfaces, then measure the gables.

This video provides a lot of cool little tricks to help a contractor efficiently measure the whole house and the roof. For every 100 square feet of wall, that equals one square of siding material.

If you need your siding fixed or installed, it’s important to hire a smart contractor who can work efficiently and with your Arizona home insurance. And as a contractor, you will want to watch the rest of this video to learn some tips and tricks when it comes to measuring and installing vinyl siding.

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