Sunday, June 16

Unpakt Online Booking Brings Transparency to the Moving Industry

Most people are already familiar with Yelp, the popular website which allows users to score and review local businesses like restaurants and hotels. But what if you need to score your moving company?

Unpakt is a fairly new comparison site specifically for movers. Through Unpakt, users can already find and book legitimate companies online, but the company recently announced a new and even more useful service. Users will now be able to receive free and immediate price quotes through a calculation tool on the website.

The Quick Quotes feature will provide users with price quotes in less than a minute from Unpakt’s pre-approved list of companies, and they can select a good offer as soon as they receive it, which guarantees that they’ll be charged the offered price.

This is possible because movers who are booked through the website agree to flat rates for each job instead of estimates. Unpakt takes a cut of the fee when services are booked through its website. More than 500 moving companies have been approved to use Unpakt booking services.

The website is also offering a Moving Cost Calculator widget that can be added to other websites. It takes the user’s home size, moving address and other factors into account and uses them to provide three quotes from moving companies near the user.

Unpakt has headquarters in New York City, but the service is already available in 45 states and more than 280 cities. Recent additions to the site include moving companies in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Raleigh, North Carolina; Denver, Colorado; Davenport, Iowa and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Founder and CEO Sharone Ben-Harosh started his own moving company in 1991 and has been in the industry for more than two decades. According to Ben-Harosh, too many moving companies will quote a price and then add fees later, presenting them as “unanticipated costs.”

Ben-Harosh said in a media release that he founded Unpakt to “bring transparency to the moving industry while taking the hassle out of the booking process for consumers.”

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