Saturday, July 13

Understanding Web Hosting Services

If you’re looking to purchase a web hosting service, you need to know all about web hosting! If you want a website, you need somewhere for it to exist, which is where web hosting comes into play. Hosting is essentially the networking infrastructure that maintains your website availability across the internet. There are three main types of hosting reseller hosting, virtual private service, dedicated service, and the most popular, shared hosting.

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Starting with a server, or powerful computer stored in a data center, you’re provided with network and power connectivity. Security is extremely important at the server level so hard drive and power supply units make sure your website is available at all times and is protected from hackers or viruses. When you purchase a web hosting service, you are paying for a space on this service and bandwidth. If you want to access this web hosting, you will need an interface, called a control panel. This allows you to manage areas of your hosting such as setting up email addresses.

Building your own website is an option but not required so nontechnical people who aren’t as advanced in web design can use these services. WordPress is one of the most common website-building software. If you’re with one hosting company and you want to migrate to another company, your files are simply copied from your previous domain to the new one. Watch the video to learn more!


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