Thursday, June 13

Top Three Tips to Mulching

In this video, you will get a breakdown of the three top tips for mulching. These tips are essential and can make your time mulching much more efficient.

The first tip is to never apply mulch deeper than 2-3 inches. The most you should ever have is 3 inches deep and if you have to add fresh mulch, make sure to get rid of the bottom to avoid going over 3 inches.

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The second tip is to never touch mulch to the base of trees. It is called a “mulch volcano” where mulch is up against the trunk of the tree. This is bad for trees because of the insects, diseases, and keeps the wood wet which can lead to rotting. Therefore, you must leave a slight gap between the mulch and the trunk. The final tip of mulching is that before you reapply your mulch, make sure you turn the existing mulch. This allows more air and nutrients through it by preventing the mulch from matting down. You can do this by using a metal rake, a pitchfork, or anything that can mix the mulch around.

These tips are a great starting point for a healthy landscape.


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