Friday, June 21

The Expert’s Guide to Custom Home Building

For many, building a custom home is the actualization of a life dream. Not only are you able to create a home to your aesthetic liking, but you’re also able to construct a space that is both safe and equipped to your family’s every want and need.

Custom Home

But without proper planning, a custom home building project can quickly turn into a custom disaster, with precious time, money, and resources wasted right before your eyes. With so many options and so many factors to consider, what would be an enjoyable process can quickly spiral out of control, both budget-wise and execution-wise.

Luckily, the experts at The Washington Post provided a few key tips that can help make your custom home building project a dream come true:

Find a Custom Home Builder You Can Trust

Building a custom home can have a profound effect on both your nerves and your wallet. However, that doesn’t mean you should find the least expensive custom home builder you can find. In fact, that may lead to more costly endeavors in the near future. Instead, be selective when choosing your custom home builder. Find someone you can trust and someone that you can candidly discuss your budget, markups, and sub-contractors.

Establish Your Budget — and Be Precise

Before embarking on a custom home building endeavor, take a look at your finances an build a detailed budget and scope of work. Be sure to plan for unforeseen expenses, such as light fixtures and custom finishes. The more prepared you are, the less money you are likely to spend.

Expect the Unexpected

While your home will ultimately turn out to be the stuff of your dreams, the process itself rarely goes quite as smoothly. That being said, experts recommend having between 10 to 15% contingency for both budgets and projected completion dates, as included in your builder contract.

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