Saturday, June 22

The Benefits of Buying a Luxury Condo

A record breaking sale happened in Queens recently. One upscale condo sold at an impressive $3.35 million dollars, which speaks to the growing trend in luxury condo popularity. Part of the appeal of this particular condo is the waterfront view, which is only one of benefits of living there — the complex that this condo is in also features a swimming pool, doorman service, and cinema and fitness centers.

The benefits of buying a condo are beginning to far outweigh buying a single family home or something similar. Condominiums are not just found in Queens; they are often found in places that have good weather all year round, which makes them an ideal place to settle.
Condominiums are also in complexes that usually have amenities that you do not get from buying a single family home. Like the record breaking condo in Queens, many condominiums are equipped with things like pools, gyms, and sports courts. Another benefit is the added security often offered at the complexes condominiums are in, such as a door buzzer, doorman service, or gate to the complex itself.

Owning a condo — though sometimes carrying a hefty price tag — offers benefits and conveniences that are worth it in the long run. Condominiums have all of the space of a single family home, but often none of the associated costs and responsibilities. Living in a condominium absolves the owner of some of the responsibility of exterior repairs and maintenance (this goes for lawn and yard landscaping as well).

Not all condo sales break records (or necessarily the bank), but the benefits of buying a condo are clear. When looking to buy condominiums, you should find a real estate agent who has credentials in that type of real estate and ask them to outline their plan of action for buying your condo.

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