Saturday, June 15

Survey Finds Video Marketing Outperforms Other Online Advertising Strategies

In news that further proves the sheer impact that video marketing is having on the web, a recent survey of marketing professionals found that video advertising’s conversion rates often outperform those of other marketing tactics.

According to, the recently-released report from video marketing and analytics platform Vidyard also found that 71% of marketing professionals reported that the conversion performance of online video content is either “somewhat better” or “much better” than other online advertising content.

In addition, 69% of the marketers surveyed said they plan to increase their budgets for video marketing content in the future, reported — certainly no small statistic.

“Its the accessibility of video content — via tablets smartphone laptops — that makes video advertising so appealing,” Says Bryan Bolan, Found and Creative Director of b-Mc Creative. “The bottom line is that the person would rather engage in two minutes of video than ten minutes of reading a blog or article.”

And while 86% of the survey’s respondents said they monitor the engagement levels of their videos, 48% of these respondents only measure rudimentary metrics such as views and shares — not more informational measurements like the length of viewing duration. As such, there’s clearly room for improvement among most marketers to incorporate consumer habits into the video content creation process.

Vidyard’s video benchmark report surveyed 235 respondents, all of whom are marketing professionals working at B2B, B2C and other prominent agency organizations, reported.

So if you have no other reasons to increase your video content budget and output, you should still do so — because your competition is likely already increasing their own as you read this article.

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