Tuesday, July 16

Standard vs Luxury Portable Toilets; Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to hosting outdoor events, setting up construction sites, or otherwise operating outside, it’s important to make sure that guests, workers, and others have access to restroom facilities. If you’re setting up a music festival or whatever else, then traditional bathrooms may not be on site. However, with a porta potty rental in Gastonia, NC, you can ensure that adequate bathroom facilities are available practically anywhere. Still, you might wonder whether you should get a luxury portable toilet or if you should simply go with a standard one.

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If budget isn’t an issue, then a luxury unit is the safest choice and will maximize comfort. Luxury units are an especially great choice at black-tie events, like weddings. If you’re setting up a construction site, then you probably don’t need a luxury unit (but hey, feel free to treat your crew!). A standard porta potty will likely suffice.

Besides luxury versus traditional units, it’s also wise to consider things like handicap accessibility and more. Of course, it’s also crucial to make sure that enough toilets and other facilities are on hand to handle the crowd. Bigger events will require more toilets. Need help to select sanitation solutions? Get in touch with a portable toilet provider right away to explore options.


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