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Some Fast Facts on United States Refugee Resettlement

The YouTube video “How refugees and asylum seekers can resettle in the US | Just the FAQs” highlights the stance of the US on refugees. Refugees leave their country out of fear that they may be prosecuted based on factors such as their race, religion, political affiliation, or for being part of a particular group of people. We’ve seen a surge of refugees from countries like Syria, Iraq, and many other Middle-Eastern countries. The United States has become home to many refugees since 1975.


Facts About the US Refugee Program

The US administers a refugee program with the government, international organizations, and other stakeholders known as the Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). The program aims to resettle refugees who’ve left their country.

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However, a cap is placed on the number of refugees helped each year. The president of the US allocates this cap.


This ceiling number is known as the refugee admissions ceiling. Various factors will influence the refugee admissions ceiling, such as the humanitarian crisis and the national security of the US. However, the US remains committed to refugee resettlement.

These refugees are resettled across various states in the US. Some agencies and government officials work together to settle the refugees and provide assistance with language learning and getting work. The efforts of the US are commendable in this matter.


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