Saturday, June 15

Selfie Culture Making Kids More Aware About Their Options for Orthodontia

According to several dentists, “selfie” culture could be bringing increased popularity to orthodontia. As kids are becoming more aware of the way their teeth look through self-shot camera photos, many are choosing to opt in for teeth-straightening orthodontia earlier in life, rather than waiting until later.”I think that soon I’ll be able to take a selfie and show off my teeth, so its okay,” said Jessica Corona, a rising sophomore in college, in an interview with PIX11. Many teenagers say they look forward to taking better photos in the future that they can share with their friends.

Of course, selfies aren’t the only reason children, teenagers, and young adults decide to get orthodontic treatment. The health benefits of having teeth that are properly aligned are explained to children and their parents by dentists. Braces can help correct a wide range of dental and oral issues, fixing everything from overbites to overcrowding.

Bullying, too, is often a contributing reason to children requesting braces to fix various problems. In fact, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Orthodontics, 13% of adolescents who have gone in for an orthodontic consultation have experienced bullying. These patients reported being bullied for their teeth, and felt that dental issues were having a detrimental impact on their self esteem.

Many dentists now recommend screening for orthodontia by age 7, which is a practice stemming from guidelines set by the American Association of Orthodontists. Parents should be wary of advocating for braces too soon, though. If braces have to be applied first on primary teeth and then on permanent teeth in order to ensure lasting dental layout, insurance likely will not cover the second round. яндекс

“Everyone wants to look their best. Invisalign orthodontic threatment can improve your smile and self-confidence without the look of metal braces.” Dr. Tom Popp, Orthodontic Specialist

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