Thursday, February 29

Say Goodbye to Newsfeed Clutter With Facebook’s New Application Tool

When it comes to clutter, 80% of people think that it stops productivity right in its tracks –but what about clutter on your social networking sites?

Anyone with a Facebook account knows how this story goes:

You’re scrolling down your newsfeed, looking for updates from friends and family, and suddenly you see a photo of a baby. You look to see which “friend” posted it and realize it’s that girl you went to camp with for one week back when you were 12.

Sure, it’s cute, but you don’t know this kid. It’s downright irrelevant, and quite frankly, cluttering your Facebook newsfeed.

According to the Journal Gazette there is, apparently, a reason to Facebook’s seemingly senseless newsfeed rhyme; the social networking giant employs a software that compiles information based on a range of information about us to determine what ends up on our feed.

But it seems that Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t always hit the mark on that one.

To combat this minor but undeniably irksome happening, Facebook has come up with a new customization feature that allows users to see content from the people they actually want to know about.

The tool allows Facebook users to specifically select the friends and pages whose updates interest them.

Though Facebook has always allows its users to subscribe to — and unsubscribe from — fellow friends at their leisure, the new tool makes it an easier and more organized endeavor. By simply going to the App setting section and clicking “preferences,” a user can see clearly who they are subscribed to and unsubscribed to.

For now, however, this convenience is only available for iOS users. Updates for Androids and personal computers will be coming soon.

This innovation will make avoiding that college ex-boyfriend, former co-worker, or friend-of-a-friend-of-your-brother you once met at a party all the more convenient and simplified.

However, it’s not quite time to say goodbye to those pesky Candy Crush high scores and “What Disney Princess Are You” quizzes forever. In an announcement released on July 16, Facebook admitted that the new feature is not perfect. Their hope is that the tool will make your Facebook scrolling experience a little more personalized.

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