Saturday, June 15

Revel Systems’ Mobile Point-of-Sale Introduces Yelp Dashboard to Increase Customer Engagement

Restaurants and businesses that use Revel Systems’ iPad point-of-sale (POS) platform will now be able to tell what their customers really think.

According to a July 2 Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article, Revel Systems recently added a Yelp and Foursquare dashboard to its iPad POS interface that will notify the merchant whenever a customer “checks in” via Foursquare or Facebook or writes a review on Yelp.

The article says these push notifications will allow small businesses and local restaurants to better gauge customers’ experiences and provide feedback and improvements in real-time.

And because it’s easy for small business owners to overlook what is said about their business on social media, the Yelp dashboard will help them see reviews as soon as they are posted so improvements can be made immediately.

Some studies are even showing that a good customer review through a site like Yelp can be even more effective than traditional forms of advertising.

According to a July 2 article, one 2013 study revealed that one out of five respondents reported trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends, family or colleagues — and as sites like Yelp continue to gain in popularity, so will this statistic. Alle luxembourgischen Spieler finden auf n├╝tzliche Infos zu Online Casinos

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