Thursday, June 13

Psychedelic Drugs: a Hidden Treatment for Mental Illness?

For decades, psychedelic drugs have been considered an illicit substance for some, and a trippy pastime for others.

However, that may soon change — as recent research suggests that these drugs could help in treating mental illness.

According to a Sept. 9 article, psychedelics such as LSD, DMT, MDMA and others showed positive results among patients with mental illnesses, a recent analysis published in the journal Canadian Medical Association Journalstated.

“The re-emerging paradigm of psychedelic medicine may open clinical doors and therapeutic doors long closed,” writes Dr. Evan Wood, Professor of Medicine and Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

The journal’s analysis outlined several recent studies that hint at successful psychedelic treatment of mental illness. LSD-assisted psychotherapy effectively reduced anxiety among patients with terminal illness. In another study, the active molecule in “magic” mushrooms significantly reduced the frequency and quantity of alcohol abuse among alcoholic patients. Lastly, MDMA was shown to have beneficial effects on PTSD patients.

Best of all? Each treatment showed no negative side effects, the Dispatch Times reported.

“Legal entheogenic substances such as ibogaine, administered in a safe, clinical setting, with adequate medical supervision, can provide patients with tremendous insight into their own behaviors and self-sabotaging, destructive thought patterns,” says Arnold Hesnod, Clinical Outreach, Clear Sky Recovery. “While further research is needed, the results to date offer tremendous hope for those suffering from a variety of mental and physical issues.”

However, many challenges still stand in the way of those hoping to treat their mental illness with psychedelic drugs.

For one, these drugs largely remain illegal in the U.S., making it impossible for health professionals to develop treatment programs that use these substances.

Additionally, there are still certain social stigmas surrounding the use of psychedelic drugs that may make widespread adoption of these treatments difficult.

If these hindrances were to be overcome, however, it’s possible that psychedelic drugs could offer relief to the millions of people worldwide suffering from a mental illness.

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