Wednesday, June 12

Operating On a Conventional POS System May Be Hurting Your Business

Tech Page One has recently released an article highlighting the importance of an evolved point of sale (POS) system in the digital age — namely, the article states, the conventional POS systems used in the past are proving to be time-consuming and financially irresponsible when compared to newer POS systems.

The biggest development in POS systems — and that which makes traditional POS cash registers seem to be from the Stone Age— is the ability to conduct sales on smartphones and tablets. Mobile POS gives business owners all of the traditional POS capabilities while allowing for more mobility and security, and without taking up extra space or time. Perhaps most notable is the fact that mobile POS can be customized easily for big retailers and small independent businesses alike. Whether a manager wants to set up a smartphone stand in a fixed location or wants to have employees walking around the store with tablets to process transactions, mobile POS is a time-saver for both customers and employees. Additionally, mobile POS systems allow businesses more flexibility with interior design because there is no bulky cash register dictating how a store needs to be arranged.

How does this benefit customers? Not only do newer systems save time waiting in line, but certain programs offer customers more payment options so that carrying cash can be a thing of the past. New mobile systems promise security as well as convenience; it may even be safe to assert that these new systems could be more secure than carrying around cash or multiple credit cards.

“At RMS, our EvolutionPOS mobile POS device has been a real winner since we launched it 2 years ago. As the first truly mobile cash register designed for use in retail pharmacies, we’re still hearing amazing ways our customers are changing how they interact with their customers. Sales are now occurring from anywhere in the store, to curbside pickup, at their drive-thru, at nursing homes, and even home delivery. Even in hospitals, we are seeing a huge demand for bedside delivery of prescriptions at the time the patient is discharged, which offers next-level customer service.”  states Mike Gross, VP of Sales and Marketing atRetail Management Solutions.

Even if a business chooses to conduct transactions on a stationary piece of equipment, new POS systems offer a greater variety of capabilities, such as tracking inventory and managing sales trends, making it easier for a business owner to provide customers with a wide variety of products without sacrificing organization or personal customer-employee interactions.

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