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New Men’s Hair Trend Could Contribute to Hair Loss, Experts Say

Human hair is weak and therefore vulnerable to damage and breakage if not well managed. You should ensure that your hair stylist uses hair products and tools meant for hair thinning to avoid injury. Some hair salon hair products could make your hair heavy and unmanageable. They also leave a sticky feeling on hair, making it appear unhealthy. You should adopt the use of advanced hair products to help with thinning hair.

Hair loss treatment products are aimed at making the hair appear thick and full. These products are gentle on thinning hair and are ideal for color or chemical treated hair. Hair experts recommend using hair products that improve the resilience and strength of thinning hair by cleansing and conditioning. They include stimulating shampoo with vitamins that help in boosting the scalp and nourishing hair follicles.

These products are also enriched with antioxidants that clean deep into the scalp and remove clogged remains in the hair follicles. Stimulating shampoo detangles thin hair making it easier to comb.
Hair conditioning is the step that follows shampooing. The best hair conditioners add strength and boost hair elasticity in thin hair. It offers anti-breakage protection and makes thin hair easy to manage.

Updated 10/5/20

Buns and topknots have been traditional hairstyles for warriors and devotees alike for millennia, and celebrities — including Jason Momoa, Orlando Bloom, Chris Hemsworth and Shia LaBeouf — have been popularizing the man bun hairstyle in the past year.

But experts say that a new variant on this style, which is much tighter than the original messy look, may actually be contributing to hair loss.

“If they’re loose buns, it probably won’t be a major deal, but the more aggressive those buns get pulled, it can end up causing traction alopecia,” Ray Cox, founder of Essential Hair and Care, told The National Post.

Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by repeated pulling or constant tension on the hair roots. It is also seen in women who get weaves or use hairclips to pull their hair back too tightly.

According to Cox, the most damage is done along the hairline, where men often already experience receding due to aging and genetics.

Every year, about 800,000 people seek treatment for hair loss, and nine out of 10 men who are balding say that this condition is their number-one concern.

Professional Recommendations

Stylist Michael Levine says that he thinks one of the factors contributing to the tighter buns is that men are rushing to meet the trend without allowing their hair to sufficiently grow out. The “art of the man bun,” according to Levine, is allowing it to be loose and slightly disheveled.

He’s recommending that his clients be patient, use fewer styling products and embrace the slightly messy look.

But Levine also predicts that the trend may be on its way out soon, as the hipster scene becomes saturated with the look.

“I think we’re going to see a lot of really, really try-hard man buns over the next few months as people are transitioning into it,” he said, noting that trendsetters have been sporting the look for about four months.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Fortunately, advances in hair replacement have led to all sorts of custom hair replacement systems and treatment options. Non surgical hair restoration techniques used to mean slapping on a mass-produced toupee or hairpiece, but those were often considered uncomfortable, awkward, and obvious. These days, men suffering from hair loss can benefit from custom hair replacement systems, tailored to fit individual needs, with a blend of their own natural color and texture. These advanced hair replacement systems follow the natural hairline, making the hair appear as if it’s growing right from the scalp.

Even better, today’s advanced hair replacement systems are designed and built to stay in place no matter what. Are you an adventure-junkie? No problem! Go sky-diving, swim in the ocean, climb a mountain — your hair will stay put. Ultimately, non surgical hair replacement can be a great solution for men who experience significant hair loss and wish to regain the appearance of having a healthy head of hair without the discomfort and inconvenience of surgery.

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