Thursday, June 13

New Measuring Technologies Improve Accuracy

????????????????????????????????????????Two new measuring technologies have been introduced in the last two weeks. One is from Noliac and the other comes from HBM, Inc.

The technology launched from Noliac is a strain gauge for piezoelectric actuators. Strain gauge technology, which is used in most load cells, has been around for 40 years and is well established and proven. Noliac’s technology is actually an add-on which will help linearization of displacement response and compensate for creep and hysteresis. The add-on can fit to plate and ring actuators, with a bender version to follow soon.

The technology will help to keep things level and accurate, which will be essential to nano and micropositioning. It can be used in several different applications to ensure accuracy. Add-ons are fit to each individual plate.

Cedric Goueffon, Noliac’s Global Sales Manager, explained the technology further. “Many customers have contacted us about the possibility of adding a strain gauge to the actuators as an add-on,” he said. “Therefore, we are happy to announce that we now offer a full package.”

The result, Goueffon explained, is a “plug-and-play solution” to save the company’s customers the trouble of having to get the actuator fitted elsewhere with a strain gauge.

“To start with, we offer the strain gauge for piezo plate and ring actuators, single and stacked,” he continued, “and a version for piezo plate and ring benders will be launched later. The strain gauge for plate and ring actuators can be ordered now,” he said.

The technology from HBM is another measuring tool to ensure accuracy. The company has established themselves as a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, and transducers and sensors. They now offer a DMP41 digital precision measuring instrument.

It becomes the most accurate amplifier for strain gauge instruments, with accuracy class 5ppm technology. It is reliable and accurate, so much so that it has been used by national metrology institutes.

Though high precision tools such as this are normally only allowed in labs, they can now be used within controlled production floors with difficult EMC conditions. During production, manufacturers can use this product in their force, torque and pressure transducers, load cells and flow rate sensors to calibrate instruments.

This technology has been 30 years in the making, with a lot of research and innovation on the company’s part. The product is stable, durable, and user-friendly. It can also be integrated and used through a PC.

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