Saturday, June 22

New Load Cell Technology Goes Micro

load cellA China-based company, Forsentek Co., had introduced new load cell technology that will give the industry even more applications. Most load cells use strain gauge technology, which is well established and has been for 40 years, but this latest technology involves micro load cells.

Forsentek designed and developed the compact load cells, which have numerous applications in weighing systems used across many industries. These micro load cells will be able to be used within limited spaces, giving precise compression force and weight measurements.

The Forsentek spokesperson says that the cells will be able to be used within most industrial facilities. They are made from stainless steel that has been heat-treated, which helps them to ensure accuracy and stability.

The cells are also sealed hermetically, further ensuring their durability and are designed for numerous applications.

Forsentek will also produce a force transducer which is meant to offer accurate compression measurements when used in different devices and systems. They also offer custom services in order to ensure that their devices will fit the industry they are going into. This ensures that their products will perform incredibly well no matter what their placement.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the cells’ stainless steel and inline structures make them incredibly durable pieces of equipment, so combined with the customization, they are perfect for numerous industries and easy to install. The spokesperson also added that they have expert services for producing a torque transducer series for their industrial clients.

The micro load cells will be a huge new investment for numerous different companies, and their application will allow them to do business with better accuracy. It will also allow for better applications in smaller spaces, which could give way to projects they have never been able to do before.


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