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Medical Tattoo Artist Changes Lives Of Survivors In Delaware

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UPDATED 12/30/20

Tattoos are often seen as simply decorative art pieces on the body. But they can also be used to support people with medical issues that cause disfigurement in their bodies. This is the case for Corey McGee, who tattoos 3D nipple and areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors. This generous, creative business approach sets McGee apart from others. Offering medical tattoos is a great way to increase goodwill in the community. So now, if someone is looking for good ear piercing places near me, they are more likely to trust McGee to know about ear piercing and body piercing and do them in a safe way. Things like 2 upper lobe piercings can get infected easily. Having a medical background of some sort means that this shop is going to be able to help their customers avoid painful, possibly dangerous infections. They can buy ear piercings from a store that both knows what they’re doing and reflects the ideals of compassion and care that customers are looking for. So both the store and the customers win with the store offering medical tattooing.

At The Village Salon And Spa in Lewes, Delaware, Corey MeGee has become one of few certified medical tattoo artists on the East Coast. She offers 3D tattoos on the nipples and areolas for women and men who have battled breast cancer.

MeGee has been in the tattoo industry for nearly 10 years, creating permanent makeup tattoos for clients at The Village Salon and Spa. According to MeGee, creating these kinds of tattoos opened the door for her to get her certification in medical tattoos. A very small number of people offer medical tattoos, so her experience in working on sensitive areas of the face for makeup tattoos qualified her to pursue the certification.

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Although approximately 45 million people in the United States have at least one tattoo, many breast cancer survivors do not realize that medical tattooing is an option for them. When cancer patients undergo surgery to remove cancerous tissue, it can cause the loss of nipples or areolas. Clients must wait at least six months until after the surgery to have any tattooing done as part of the breast reconstruction process.

The ink used in medical tattooing is what sets the practice apart, as artists must match the pigments of the client’s skin tone. The tattoos tend to fade over time, creating another challenge for the tattoo artist. MeGee uses a style of traditional tattooing that creates a unique and one-time application to avoid the need to come in for more visits as the ink fades.

Her approach also only requires typical healing instructions and methods, rather than any extra care. She offers free consultations and prides herself on making the experience very personal for clients. MeGee enjoys hearing the stories of her clients and then seeing their reaction as her tattooing makes them feel complete in their post-cancer bodies.

Medical tattooing can also be used to enhance lip symmetry in the case of a cleft lip, remedy the appearance of hair loss due to alopecia, and diminish the appearance of scar tissue. In her private tattoo room, which is licensed by the state health department, MeGee also offers cover ups from previous tattoos that were done when clients were not happy with the original outcome.

In October, MeGee will hold a raffle for a tattoo session, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the meantime, she is encouraging both men and women to seek out medical tattooing options and plans to add examples of before and after photos to her website.

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