Thursday, June 13

Managed Services and Cloud Computing to Become Increasingly Intertwined

In just a five-year span, cloud computing has transformed from a niche tech solution to something used nearly ubiquitously in every corner of society.

Given the incredible growth of the cloud computing industry, it’s only natural to predict what’s next — an increased integration with another rapidly-expanding tech solution, IT managed services.

According to a January 14 Forbes article, the cloud is still heavily underutilized by most businesses. Because of this, managed services, or a third party’s proactive management of a business’s information technology, is a key sector into which the cloud can expand.

Already, many mid-sized enterprises are able to monitor their data collection, analytics and security with the help of cloud-based mobile apps; these are just a fraction of the things that managed services and the cloud can do together in the future.

Another way that managed services are set to expand in the near future? Increased bandwidth space in local communities, which is a cornerstone of President Obama’s new proposals for expanding the powers of the FCC.

According to a article, managed services providers stand to benefit immensely from more bandwidth at a local scale. With the FCC’s current bandwidth limits, it’s difficult or even downright unfeasible for many providers to offer the high-caliber IT services they promise to clients in smaller communities.

But with greater bandwidth levels throughout local communities, businesses everywhere would be able to take advantage of managed services, with Internet traffic jams few and far between. Ultimately, it all depends on whether or not the federal government will be allowed to make decisions that were previously made by local governments without being met with resistance.

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