Friday, June 21

Louisiana Man Hopes Younger Generation Consider HVAC Field

When Louisiana’s Tim Boudreaux was in high school in 1973, he wanted to sign up for a drafting class at a career school in New Iberia. The only problem was the class was full.

To get out of his slump of disappointment, his friend suggested he try out an air conditioning class as there were only five people in it. And the rest is history.

According to The Daily Advisor, Boudreaux loved his air conditioning class and started learning how to repair air conditioners. A few months after the class, he started repairing the units himself. Now years later in 2018, Boudreaux owns Tim’s Air Conditioner and Refrigeration. He employs 18 people and his company serves customers in Lafayette, New Iberia, and Broussard. They also work with people within a 50-mile radius of Lafayette.

Because of all of his hard work, his wife decided to nominate him for a “Best HVAC” award. He spoke to The Daily Advisor about how happy he is to have been nominated.

“My wife is so proud of what we do. She nominated us. I have some young employees who jumped on board,” he said. “We are really gracious that our customers feel we are a great company. We try to give good customer service and treat the customers the way they want to be treated. We work hard for 100 percent customer satisfaction on everything we do.”

Boudreaux’s goal and mantra is to make sure the customers come first. He believes that everyone should be treated the way you want to be treated, and he follows that mindset with his customers. He’s passionate about keeping his prices reasonable and selling good products. He also finds it’s important to be where his customers need him when they need him.

Because of his attitude and excellent business ownership traits, he’s seen a lot of people in need of HVAC servicing. Efficient HVAC systems require maintenance inspections twice a year. Boudreaux and his team are available to help anyone in need of those inspections.

Boudreaux says working in the HVAC field has been a great career choice. He consistently encourages young people to consider the field.

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