Monday, July 15

‘Jelly Belly’ Creator Releases CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

CBD products, like oils and candies, are becoming increasingly popular. As one of over 115 chemical compounds called cannabinoids, CBD can be used for medicinal purposes — from helping with depression and anxiety to managing pain, people are finding CBD to be helpful for a variety of ailments. In fact, around 62% of CBD users reported using it to treat a medical condition. And with CBD product manufacturers getting more creative with their products, it’s no surprise that CBD jelly beans have been released.

With Easter just around the corner, people are starting to pick up their favorite Easter sweets, like chocolate bunnies and Peeps. And now, CBD jelly beans can be added to that list. The creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans has released his unique CBD jelly beans for people to buy in time for the holiday.

David Klein founded Jelly Belly in 1976. He ended up leaving the company in 1980 after years of successful sales. And now, he has a new company, Spectrum Confections. Klein is known for exploring different flavors of jelly beans, like popcorn and birthday cake. And taking his exploration even further, Spectrum Confections is now selling CBD-infused jelly beans.

In a statement to Cannabis Aficionado, Klein explained, “The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage (of CBD), we are putting 10 ml in each. If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 ml, they can eat two… they can decide what their proper dosage is.”

And like regular jelly beans, Klein’s CBD-infused candies come in a variety of flavors — 38 to be exact. The flavors range from sour tastes to fan-favorites like mango and toasted marshmallow. They even come in sugar-free options.

According to Klein, he was inspired to experiment with CBD jelly beans once he learned more about CBD’s expected health benefits. And seeing as how many of the 1.5 billion people living with chronic pain have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, it’s no surprise that these jelly beans are flying off the shelves.

Because these jelly beans are infused with only CBD, those who eat the candies will not get any “high” effects. THC is the psychoactive part of marijuana, which is not included in CBD edibles. There is a wide variety of edible CBD treats, like chocolates, gummies, and more.

People have been using products like mineral supplements and multivitamins since the 1940s. But because of the controversy surrounding marijuana products, it took until only a few years ago for CBD products to gain popularity.

And now, with CBD becoming more mainstream, candy and treat creators have the ability to experiment with CBD, just like Klein. Spectrum Confections’ jelly beans can be bought in bulk, although they continue to sell out as customers are making purchases quicker than the company can fill them. Customers have to be at least 18 years old to make a purchase and can look at available stock on the company’s website. Once a purchase is made, customers are encouraged to keep the jelly beans out of reach of young children.

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