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Immigration Attorney Accused of Scamming Dozens of Families out of More Than $200,000

UPDATED 11/25/2020

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An immigration attorney in Boulder, Colorado, is being charged with theft and accused of stealing thousands of dollars from families looking to come to the United States.

Emily Cohen, 34, is facing 21 counts of primarily felony theft charges for scamming 79 families out of more than $200,000 after promising services that she never provided, according to Deputy District Attorney Jane Walsh.

Cohen was arrested in February after accusations from seven families that Cohen had collected a combined $41,000 and then failed to contact them again. None of the families were provided with the visas or work permits she had promised them.

Walsh said Cohen would move offices without leaving a forwarding address, and would not return her clients’ phone calls or emails.

Other families came forwarding following Cohen’s arrest. According to Walsh, Cohen took advantage of the fact that many of her clients had limited English-speaking capabilities, and may have had immigration issues that prevented them from contacting authorities.

The charges appear just weeks after President Obama enacted new immigration laws on Nov. 19 to protect immigrants and provide them with more opportunities for work permits.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a warning for applicants to watch out for scam artists and “beware of anyone who offers to help you submit an application” before the agency had released any details on the process.

Cohen’s attorney, Steven Louth, maintains that his client is innocent. “Not one time did this woman over here receive money without the intention of providing legal services,” he said to the jury.

Louth said that many of the families only began making claims after Cohen was arrested. He told the jury that others had canceled checks, backed out of meetings and failed to disclose information, which meant Cohen couldn’t fill out the required forms for her clients.

Cohen’s trial is expected to last for two weeks. Prosecutors dropped 33 other charges against Cohen in the interest of “efficiency and judicial economy.”


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