Sunday, June 23

HP Crafts ‘Machine’ to Help Solve Data Storage Space Concerns

As the world of cloud computing continues to expand, so does the need for cloud service providers to add racks on racks on racks of bulky data servers that consume massive amounts of electricity.

However, most cloud service providers are finding that their available space for servers is finite, and using standard data servers to store information on the cloud might not be sustainable.

This is one of the main reasons why computer manufacturer HP is taking steps now to find a more sustainable means of data storage.

“Toward the end of this decade, data growth will come at us at a rate that surpasses the ability of our current infrastructure to evolve to ingest, store and analyze it,” HP said in a statement. “A step change in computing technology is required.”

According to a July 6 Digital Trends article, HP’s solution is an onimously-named device called “The Machine.” The Machine is a supercomputer that can be held in one hand, significantly reducing the physical space and electricity needed to store large amounts of data.

Two of the most important new components of The Machine are “memristors,” a new type of memory, and a new data transfer system that utilizes silicon photonics, Digital Trends reports. Silicon photonics send data via lasers that are about a quarter of the diameter of a human hair, HP states, reducing electricity consumption while providing lightning-speed data transfer.

According to Digital Servers, it will be quite some time before The Machine is available on the market. HP predicts The Machine’s rollout to take place some time in 2018, but this is an optimistic estimate, Digital Servers reports.

No matter when The Machine enters the world of data storage, it’s clear that it will alter the way data and information is stored in the cloud profoundly.

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