Saturday, June 15

How to Make Custom Birthday Shirts

If you are planning a birthday party, you probably have quite the to-do list. From ordering or baking a cake, to putting up decorations, to sending out invitations, there is a lot to do and get ready for. One thing you should not overlook is a custom birthday t-shirt. Such a shirt will stand the birthday girl or boy out from the crowd.

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A custom shirt can match the theme of the party. Family members can also get their own shirts to match that designate them as “Mom of the Birthday Boy” or “Grandpa of the Birthday Girl.” In this video, you will learn how to make your own custom birthday t-shirt from start to finish.

The video will show you the program you can use to design the graphic for your shirt. Your imagination is the only limit as it lets you get as custom as you’d like. You will then need to print the graphic on vinyl paper and cut it out using scissors. Some machines will cut it out for you. Your graphic will then be ready to heat onto the shirt.


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