Thursday, June 13

How to Find Quality Italian Dress Shoes

If you are looking for a quality Italian dress shoe, you want to get one that gets better with age. A good quality Italian dress show gets refined with age as it picks patina and warmth. If you do not have an eye for great Italian men or womens dress shoes, you might get a pair that falls apart within a month or two. Here are a few tips for finding quality Italian dress shoes.

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Check whether the material of the dress shoe is full grain leather. This is premium leather gotten from the better part of the hide. It is thoroughly sanded to remove all imperfections. The alternative material to full leather is suede. Although suede dress shoes are less formal than full leather shoes, they are made from the underside of a leather hide, making them perfect for a bright casual look.

Check whether the Italian dress shoe has black stitching. A black-stitched dress shoe could be more expensive, but its construction is more durable due to the combination of stitching and gluing. You should also check the sole of the dress shoe. Quality Italian dress shoes have synthetic rubber soles. Rubber soles have a firmer grip and are more water resistant than pure leather soles. Want to know more about Italian dress shoes? Check out the video linked above.


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