Friday, June 21

How to Assemble a Braided Hose with AN Fittings

In this video, expert Al from Summit Racing details the process of assembling a specifically-fit braided metal hose for your vehicle. This advice comes in handy when you’ve ordered a metal hose from the internet and the length of the line does not seem like the length that you want under the hood of your car. The materials that you will need to customize the length of the hose are as follows:

  • Braided hose line
  • AN fittings
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Clamps for your bench vice
  • Duct tape
  • Something to cut the line with

You want to ensure that the cut you make will be neat and square. You want to use duct tape around the area that you intend to cut for the purposes of preventing the hose line from fraying.

Video Source

It’s important to have the cut be square to keep the joint tight. After this is done, you may proceed to disassemble your AN fitting. Slide one half of the fitting, twisting if necessary, around the end of the line that you’ve just cut. You will then put the end into a clamp and assemble the rest of the fitting, using as much force as needed.

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