Monday, July 15

How Does a Cooling Tower Work?

In this YouTube video, The Engineering Mindset discusses how cooling towers work. Water cooling towers are used on almost every large building in the country. Some of them differ in their design, but the main core functionality is the same. A qualified cooling water services company could assist with the repair of a cooling tower.

Cooling towers work on a closed-loop system.

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Warm water from condensers funnels through the piping and into the top sections of the cooling tower. The water sprays down over coils or filters inside the tower, allowing some of the heat from the water to dissipate. The cooler water is then sucked back out of the bottom portion of the cooling tower and pushed back into the condenser components. The direction the water and air flow in and out of the cooling towers always happens in the same direction. Warm and moist air is then sucked out of the top of the cooling tower, allowing it to escape. The process continually repeats as necessary to maintain a predetermined temperature in the building.

A cooling tower contains a fan on top, which spins and pulls air out of the unit. Fresh air flows into the bottom of the tower. Motors are most likely located outside the tower but can also be inside or on a gear ratio. Inside the tower are warm air intake pipes and cool water exit pipes, spray nozzles, and fill packaging.

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