Sunday, June 23

Home Surveillance Video Helps Nab FedEx Package Thief

This week, a home surveillance camera helped to identify a FedEx package thief, who was then arrested by Indianapolis police.Daniel Dillon, an Indianapolis homeowner, reported that a $325 pair of diamond earrings delivered in a FedEx package had been stolen from his home. Police had reason to suspect that the thief was a young local man.

“We think he was following the FedEx truck,” explains Detective Larry Craciunoiu. He says that, although police were aware that a crime had taken place, it wasn’t until Dillon thought to check the home’s security system that they realize it had recorded a direct shot of the thief’s face. Dillon had installed the security system himself three years ago. “It was just something to add a little bit of peace of mind to protect us more than anything else,” said Dillon in an interview with IndyStar.

He took the clip and posted it to Facebook, hoping that someone would recognize the thief. By the next day, the post had been shared several thousand times, and multiple people identified Brandon Nelms as the likely perpetrator.

“Having a home surveillance system will allow you to watch any vandalism on vehicles or property, it can even catch people who don’t pick up after their dogs, and gives you a sense of whats going on around your home,” says Neil Flax, President at B.A.I. Security Systems Incorporated. “Home surveillance systems give you a great eye on whats happening around your house and an added sense of security.”

Police say that it’s likely several other homes were hit as well, and they are urging residents to check whether packages they were supposed to receive this past week are still missing. On Wednesday, a southeast district patrol officer saw a man that fit the description of the theft suspect and he was brought into questioning.The man, Brandon Nelms, matched the image recorded by the home surveillance system. Police say that Nelms has had previous run-ins with the law, and has been wanted on felony warrants in nearby counties. He is now being held for a preliminary charge of felony theft.

Nelms has spoken to media outlets, saying that he was homeless and stole the earrings in order to pay for food. “I seen the FedEx truck and seen him turn around and where he dropped the package off, says Nelms. “I knew what I was doing.”

“I’m really excited. It makes me feel good that he’s off the street,” says Dillon about the arrest. Craciunoiu agreed that the high-quality imagery from Dillon’s security system was an important asset in identifying the thief, and closing the case.

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