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Graphic Designer Opens Business Printing Large-Scale Projects

Adam Hegge, a 31-year-old graphic designer, became tired of, in his words, “making money for someone else.” So, a few years later Hegge quit his job designing signs in San Diego and opened his very own digital printing business.

Sun Prairie, Washington local newspaper The Sun reports that Hegge, a 2007 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh graduate, opened Madison Graphics in 2012. The sole owner and employee of the company, Madison Graphics specializes in producing high-resolution graphics inside a mini-mall storefront in Fall River, near Olympia. Hegge single-handedly takes care of design, sales, marketing, and other business tasks from his home in Sun Prairie.

“I’ve always been a fan of crazy, cool graphics,” Hegge said. “So I thought I would put my own spin on them.”

Madison Graphics focuses on providing businesses with retail graphics, banners, trade show displays, posters, murals, and car wraps. Car wraps in particular are Hegge’s best-selling service; he is able to print wraps for cars, trucks, boats, and ATVS.

“Vehicle graphics are changing the way companies advertise — from just a logo on a car to wrapping the whole thing,” Hegge said. “They’re like moving billboards that pay for themselves.”

“Professional vehicle wraps take time, quality material and talent. In the long run, vehicle wraps is one of the most economical ways to get your message out,” said Brandan Kreiger, owner of Alphagraffix. “Most of my clients express how thrilled they are receiving immediate phone calls from their new wrap.”

Not only does Hegge provide custom wraps for businesses, lately he has been fulfilling orders for personal items such as Power Wheels, snowmobiles, and even a sports-themed wall mural in a home.

“People are now starting to decorate their disposable-income toys,” he said.

Madison Graphics also collaborates with wholesale sign companies that lack the proper equipment for large-scale printing. His printer in Fall River can print on material up to 4.5 feet wide and can also laminate it.

Hegge hopes to hire an assistant later this year to help him manage the design and production aspects of Madison Graphics. He has already taken steps to strengthen his company, such as recently joining the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce. The reason?

“A lot of people know where Sun Prairie is,” Hegge said. “Not a lot of people know where Fall River is.”

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