Wednesday, June 12

Freedom Should Be Free: How the Bail Project is Combating Mass Incarceration

The YouTube video is about The Bail Project, an organization dedicated to getting people out of jail so that their entire life does not fall apart.

The Bail Project works on an individual level to pay bails for incarcerated people and to support them through the trial. It also engages in activist work for systematic policy change. One of the speakers in the video makes the point that half a million people go to sleep at night in a jail cell who have not been convicted of a crime. The main aim of The Bail Project is to make sure that people can still go to work and take care of their families until the date of their adjudication.

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The criminal justice system is unfair to poor people. In fact, some innocent people take plea bargain just so they can go home. Many people are in jail not because of what they are accused of but because they are poor and cannot hire a bail bonds agency.

The Bail Project wants to end mass incarceration by ending the bail system. They make the point that freedom should be free, and that the principle of innocent until proven guilty should apply to everyone. The Bail Project views itself as a vehicle of liberation for all people.

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