Saturday, June 15

Family Makes Statement on the Teen “Queen of Versailles” and Her Shocking Addiction

Victoria Siegel, the 18-year-old featured in 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, was found dead of a drug overdose June 6. Now, a representative for the family has released a statement saying that she had been battling a prescription drug addiction prior to her death.

“Victoria had a history of seizures and was prescribed medication for this condition,” family spokesman Michael Marder’s said in a statement given to Us Weekly June 8. “Unfortunately she became dependent and struggled with this condition. She voluntarily underwent rehabilitation and was working hard to address this problem.”

Her parents, David and Jackie Siegel, have been attempting for several years to build a 90,000-foot home in Florida, the subject of the documentary by Lauren Greenfield. The house is still under construction, but would if completed become the largest privately owned residence in the nation. David is the founder of timeshare company Westgate Resorts.

Victoria was found unresponsive in the family’s Windermere, FL home by the family’s housekeeper around 2 p.m. on Saturday, and was pronounced dead at Health Central Hospital in Ocoee.

Although it is widely believed that the teen died of an overdose — with even her mother indicating that drugs were likely involved — that has not been officially confirmed. It is therefore also unknown if the prescription medication contributed to her death.

“While an autopsy has been performed, the cause of death has not been determined. It is likely that Victoria ingested one or more drugs prior to her death, however, we cannot determine at this time whether or not the drugs she took were in fact prescribed medication, something else, or where and how these drugs may have been obtained,” Marder explained in the statement, saying that answers will be given once the toxicology report has been released.

Prescription-related drug deaths are not infrequent; data collected in 2013 show that of the 43,982 overdose deaths recorded in the U.S. that year, 22,767 were pharmaceutical related. That’s nearly 52%.

In the most recent statement, the family also expressed their love for Victoria, saying she will be remembered for her “beautiful spirit” and “wonderful smile.”

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