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Essential Companies You Need to Hire When You Own a Home

You’ve decided to renovate your home – the first step is complete. Next is to determine what type of remodeling companies to hire. Home renovation should change your home aesthetics, boost value, enhance comfort, and make all spaces more functional. That said, you must brilliantly choose the projects that will add value and qualified professionals to complete them.

This article discusses top professionals who provide home renovation resources to enhance your property and hand back your dream home. The renovations range from simple projects like window treatment to complex tasks like roofing. Read to the end as you explore more.

Window Treatment Company

Window treatment is a simple project that will add value to your home. Besides, modern window treatments like shutters and blinds increase the curb appeal of your home. Remember, windows block the wind and the sun’s glare during the day. Whether you choose soft or hard treatments, window treatment allows you to control natural light, enhance efficiency and comfort, and protect your household from UV lights, which destroy the skin and home items.

During the renovation, many homeowners make a subtle mistake of hiring foreign companies. Here is how to stand out: hire a local window coverings company. A local company comes with professionals who understand the region’s weather. For instance, the best window material for cold areas is low-conductive, foam-filled fiberglass and vinyl-frame. Conversely, aluminum is a poor heat conductor (loses heat faster), making the interior cold, overworking your HVAC system.

Besides providing home renovation resources, the best window treatment companies are well-versed with modern treatment options. For example, woven wooden blinds are trendy hard treatments from bamboo that boast incredible light-blocking attributes and give your home a natural vibe. If you want soft treatments, they’ll suggest sheer curtains or Roman shades. Other examples of contemporary treatments include:

    • Roman shades.
    • Faux wood blinds.
    • Venetian Blinds.
    • Zebra shades.
    • Window shutter
    • Pleated Shades

Septic Tank Company

A home’s septic tank has one main job: holding wastewater in your area if you live off the grid or in areas without a proper sewerage system. Your home’s general health and wastewater treatment depend on the functional septic system. However, if you don’t pump the septic tank after filling it, the wastewater overflows, exposing your family and neighborhood to health risks and foul smells. At worst, you risk legal consequences. According to Forbes, it costs around $200 to pump out septic tanks for a one-toilet household septic tank and $800 for a 2,000-gallon septic tank.

As you plan to renovate your home, budget for the septic tank cleaning, upgrade, or replacement. These projects, once done professionally, can last you for 20 to 40 years, according to Forbes. Hire a local septic company to inspect your sewer lines and the septic tank for advice. You may decide to upgrade the tank depending on the number of household members.

A defective system characterized by slow draining fixtures, persistent odors, and leaks signaled by wet sections near the septic tank or drain field is reason enough to engage experts for maintenance. Moreover, check for unusual plant growth around the tank, sewage backup or surface discharge, or an old tank approaching its expected lifespan. Luckily, a reliable septic tank company is endowed with home renovation resources requisite for a septic tank and plumbing lines maintenance and improvements.

Furnace Company

When choosing central heating systems, many people prefer furnaces rather than heat pumps. Furnaces generate heat from oil, electric, propane, and natural gas sources. But this heating system is prone to defects. Sometimes, the furnace may be functional but show signs of potential failure. For this reason, you need a furnace company professional to inspect it and advise you.

The first sign that your furnace needs professionals is a larger amount of dust, grime, and debris. The dust and debris move through the vents to the furnace, affecting the pilot lights(they go out). The cause of the pilot lights problem is usually two-faced: faulty or loose thermocouple and blocked orifice. If the orifice is clogged, the experts will try to unclog it.

The second sign your furnace needs renovation is failure to release heat. The faulty thermostat normally causes heat issues in the fuse of the breaker powering the thermostat. An HVAC expert must check and reset the motor if it’s overloaded.

A furnace repair contractor also checks and replaces the broken fan. Defective blowers can also cause your home to freeze during winter if it goes unnoticed. According to Forbes, replacing the furnace blowers can cost around $550, while complicated issues can cost over $2000. A reliable company will provide these home renovation resources at reasonable rates.

Roof Company

Home roofing protects you and other family members from weather elements. According to Forbes, roofs have different lifespans depending on the material. For example, slate tiles can go for up to 100 years. Clay tiles last for 50 years, while shingle roofs last for 25 to 30 years.

If your roof has seen better days, hire a roofing services provider to replace it. However, at times, you may need just simple repairs like the shingle replacement. Ensure you seek maintenance services from a roofing company with insurance and warranties. The insurance covers the repair cost in case of damage.

The roofing material manufacturer and the roofer’s warranty expire after some years. This means you’ll get into your pocket to pay for replacement or repairs. According to Forbes, a roof replacement for an average-sized home can cost around $11,500. However, the investment will last you for over 30 years if you carry out preventive maintenance.

Normally, homeowners choose roof replacement over repairs. Ideally, a replacement is ideal if the damage is over 30% of the roof. Part of the roofer’s home renovation resources is contact with suppliers. You can rest assured of price discounts, insurance, and warranties. A reliable company comes with third-party insurance to cover damages that may occur at your home during the project.

Gutter Company

Gutters are essential roofing components that many homeowners overlook. After installing the slate roof, homeowners rest happy and toasting to their investment of the decade. However, gutters are susceptible to damage, especially if unmaintained. Remember, gutters channel the rainwater to the drain pipes to prevent pooling and foundation damage. Therefore, they get clogged with leaves and dust.

A gutter company will inspect the gutters and advise you on the best solutions. For instance, aluminum or Polyvinyl chloride gutters are suitable thanks to their rust-resistant qualities. On the other hand, you can choose to install a gutter leaf guard after the project to prevent drain pipe clogging. However, you need professional installation because guards can impede water flow, leading to leakages.

After the replacement, you should clean the gutters at least once or twice a year, as per Angi’s recommendation, to remove the leaves and dust trapped in the channels. Additionally, ensure the yard trees are at least 10 meters from the home foundation to reduce the chances of leaves falling on the roof. If trees shed a lot, consider cleaning the gutters every three months.

Garage Door Company

A garage is a versatile space that serves as a car storage, studio, or gym. It protects your car and other valuable home items. However, the garage door closing and opening mechanisms fail after extended usage. Therefore, garage door repair and automation should be your priority if you lack home renovation resources for garage door DIY repairs.

Skilled garage door installers assess and advise you on trendy garage door technology. While roller garage doors are preferred, technological advancement has made it even simpler to access garages. For example, modern garage doors use smart technology where you key in the code, and the door opens automatically.

When it comes to smart garage door openers, you have several options to choose from. You can install a wall-mounted keypad to serve everyone, have a wireless remote, or use your mobile phone to open it. Smart technology enhances home security by connecting your phone to the garage door opener – you get a notification on the smartphone every time someone tries to open the garage door. Adding a motion-sensing bulb in the garage will scare criminals at night. A local electrical dealer is home renovation resources you can use to improve your garage.

Paving Company

A home pavement adds curb appeal and increases the home value. However, with time, the pavement wears due to weather elements and usage. To put this into perspective, UV rays affect the binding oil in asphalt pavements, leading to webbing, cracks, and general deterioration. Unpaved home pathways are even worse.

One of the reasons you should pave your home other than the curb appeal is protection. Weather elements like rain and storms can wash off soil and sand, damaging the surface. Another reason you should seek local paving contractors to pave your home is for longevity. An unpaved surface or damaged pavement leads to a muddy mess and bumps after the rain. Water pools and rough bumps make driving within the home difficult and cause accidents.

Stone, asphalt, and concrete are valuable home renovation resources for paving. With the advice of an expert, you’ll choose the ideal paving material for your home, depending on the design preferences. For instance, concrete is better if you have trucks or farm tractors at home because it withstands higher pressure. If you need pavement just for regular use, asphalt is a cheaper alternative.

Plumbing Company

Plumbing is a long-term investment. According to the American Galvanizers Association, galvanized steel piping lasts 100 years. Brass and cast iron have a lifespan of 80-100 years, copper lasts 70 to 80 years, while galvanized steel lasts for 25 to 50 years.

Since a plumbing project is huge and costly, you should partner with a qualified local plumber for the inspection to safeguard the pristine condition of your piping system. An inspection will choose the most ideal maintenance trajectory, depending on your budget. Ideally, plumbing inspection encompasses the main supply line and the plumbing system within the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Residential plumbing repairs enhance home functionality and boost its value. For instance, bathroom plumbing has a 71% ROI, according to the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report. Installing the new systems is giving your home a new lease of life. With the right workmanship, you can rest assured of supplier warranties and better insurance coverage.

Tree Care Company

Planting trees in your homestead creates a cool environment for the family members. Did you know trees clean the air by trapping dust from the neighborhood? Trees also purify the air by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. Additionally, trees block the wind and provide shade during summer. However, taking care of trees goes beyond cleaning the yard and watering them. Trees get infected with diseases and need specialized treatment.

Hiring and maintaining a relationship with an arborist is one way to get home renovation resources. An arborist will advise on the best care practices and treat infected trees around the yard. They also remove damaged trees to prevent the spreading of diseases and damage to properties.

Tree care services involve pruning, which can be risky if carried out by an inexperienced person. Professionals come with safety equipment to protect the roof from falling tree branches. Additionally, they grind the stumps to uncover hiding pests. A seasoned tree company is your best bet for healthy plants.

Swimming Pool Company

According to Forbes Home, installing an inground pool could increase your home value by 7%, translating to $35000 for a $500000 home. In fact, the cost of installing an inground pool is $35000, according to Forbes, meaning you would recoup 100% of the installation cost. Since a pool is a massive investment, you should maintain it properly to avoid costly repairs.

Before summer approaches, hire swimming pool maintenance professionals to give your pool a retouch. Swimming pools are susceptible to myriad problems. For starters, the metallic support brackets can get corroded due to exposure to water, requiring repairs and replacement for safety.

Pool renovations start by inspecting and pumping out the water. The team cleans the pool for mold and algae and checks for damaged tile that needs replacement. Once the task is complete, the experts give the new tiles 24 hours for the mortar to dry. Later, you’ll fill the pool with chlorine-treated water.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you need excellent home renovation resources to ensure your renovation project is excellent. Once the renovation companies have completed the projects, ensure you ask for the workmanship warranty. Moreover, get all the permits before the start to ensure your projects run smoothly and complete on time.

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