Wednesday, June 19

Death of Woman by Implants is a Lesson for All of Us

Many people sit down each year and map out a fitness plan, before falling off the wagon a month or so later and giving up. In the case of one Maryland woman, an attempt to look fit actually cost her her life.

Kelly Mayhew passed away after going into cardiac arrest. News reports say this came after she had received silicone injections to her butt in the basement of a home in Rockaway. After the injections, she started struggling to breathe and gurgling. Her mother asked the so-called “doctor” who performed the procedure to call the police, but the phony surgeon instead made a run for it, speeding off in a gray SUV. Mayhew’s mother called the police and performed CPR, but Kelly later died at an area hospital.

These injections are more common than one would think. In fact, in 2013 alone, silicone injections killed over a dozen people in the United States, including another woman in New York. A woman in Philadelphia was convicted of murder back in March because she injected a woman with low-grade silicone in an airport hotel room. The silicone traveled into the patient’s lungs, ultimately killing her.

If you are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle, dangerous and questionable butt implants are not the way to go. Instead, change up your day-to-day activities to include exercise and healthier eating!

“As a woman nearing 37, I have started to watch these areas of my body start to show some signs of aging. Fortunately, with the proper weight training program, you can reverse the aging process a lot. I incorporated weighted lunges, heavy squats, and a few leg extension exercises and I would argue my butt is higher than it ever was!” said Lindsey Catarino, MBA, a Certified PIYO Trainer who manages a lifestyle and fitness website.  “I also have started to work a lot more on push ups, chest press, and triceps to lift my breasts. It is working a bit slower but if you add a good padded bra, you are as good as new. Do not risk your health to these quick fixes, there are natural ways to achieve similar results.”

Healthy Eating

The CDC has reported that 75% of healthcare spending is used to treat chronic diseases — which are preventable with a good diet. Almost all nutritionists and other health experts can agree that unless you’re eating healthy, your exercise probably won’t do a lot as far as weight loss goes. These things go hand in hand, so start with cutting out the junk food!


This is the part everyone dreads about a new fitness plan: the exercise. That’s probably why only 20% of those who lost weight were able to keep it off. It doesn’t need to be dreadful, though. Think of it as a reward to your body. Since less than 5% of adults exercise for even 30 minutes a day though, here are some tips and facts to motivate you to get up from the couch:

If you really can’t set aside bigger chunks of time, break it into small times like 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.

You don’t always have to go for an all-out run for exercise to count. There are different levels of activity you can do — try a moderate-intensity workout, like a brisk walk on a level surface.

Statistics show that regular physical activity lowers your risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. In addition, a 2012 study found that by eating correctly, exercising, and avoiding bad habits like smoking, people increase their lifespans by five to six years.

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