Saturday, June 15

Could the Vivo Nex Be the ‘Nex’ Big Thing in Smartphone Technology?

Although nearly 395 iPhones are sold nearly every single minute, that doesn’t mean Apple’s got the phone game on lock (though your home screen might be). Vivo, a slightly lesser-known electronics maker based in China, has a new smartphone release that might just catch your eye.

The Vivo NEX, with its 6.59 inch display and reportedly the first elevated front-facing camera, is meant to impress. It’s supposed to embody a new dawn of smartphone technology, with its alternative to speakers and smooth, bezel-less display. The latter development is thanks to encapsulation technology. Encapsulation is already used in electronics quite readily to protect the delicate components in a way that doesn’t leave air bubbles or voids; the viscosity range (between 400 cps and 50,000 cps) of the potting compounds used is essential to achieve this. But Vivo has used what’s called Chip on Film (or COF) encapsulation technology to ensure the screen’s smoothness, which extends nearly end-to-end. Its screen-to-body ratio is an impressive 91.24%.

But that’s not the only amazing feature of the Vivo NEX. The pop-up camera is totally unique and innovative; it extends out when you flip the screen to snap a selfie and then smoothly retracts back in when you’re done. It’s also got a feature known as Screen Soundcasting — an alternative to conventional phone speakers that basically turns the entire device into one. The technology sends vibrations through the phone’s display when you need to talk and listen, allowing you to hold the phone any way you want without sacrificing sound quality. The phone also has fingerprint sensor technology, a high-quality dual rear camera, and excellent graphics and AI power for gaming.

Overall, the phone has a decidedly sleek look and provides some great features that could really allow it to compete in this competitive market. While it’s certainly not perfect (is any smartphone ever without room for improvement?), it may be a welcome alternative to many consumers. It’s currently available only in India, but it’s possible that many electronics makers will be inspired to make changes to their own devices due to the look and functionality of this phone. Tech aficionados will want to keep a close eye on this, even from afar.

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