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Could Electric Bikes Be Part Of Your Future Commute?

In many cities across America and the world overall, electric bicycles are growing in popularity. In the future, it’s possible they could potentially even compete with cars as a preferred method of transportation for commuters everywhere.

Existing Problems With Car Commutes

Despite decades as the predominant transportation method for people across the country, cars as a primary transportation method have had a host of issues for quite some time. Initial car prices, along with costs of car ownership over longer stretches of time, have been a barrier to entry for many in need of reliable transportation. Those cars that do remain on the road are often not in the best state of repair; more than 20 million vehicles on the road in 2021 will be over 25 years old. This is, of course, without beginning to address the numerous issues that cars can create with regard to climate change and carbon emissions.

Modern Improvements On Tried-And-True Transit

Bicycles have long been an alternative to automobile transportation across the world. In fact, there are roughly one billion bicycles in the world (about twice as many as motor vehicles). The overwhelming existing popularity of the bike may have contributed to the rising success of a modern marvel: the electric bicycle.

In many parts of America, electric bikes are becoming a more common sight on the road for commuters. These e-bikes can travel at up to 28 miles per hour by using power from a rechargeable battery in addition to being powered by the rider’s pedaling. The additional assistance allows people to more reasonably use a bicycle for a commute with less effort, possibly making electric bicycles a much more feasible option for longer-distance commutes.

Additionally, electric bicycles still seem to carry many of the benefits of traditional pedal bicycling, according to a recent literature review. Despite the electric assistance, it is still possible to experience many of the fitness perks of pedal biking via electric biking, despite many purists’ claims that electric biking is “lazy.”

Commuting Potential For The Future

Due to the lower price of electric bikes when compared to cars, the reduced emissions, and the physical benefits, it’s likely that electric bikes will continue to grow in popularity as a method for commuting. However, it is important that those who do choose this option follow the same safety precautions as commuters using traditional pedal bikes. If these precautions are followed, expect to see more of these modern bicycles on the road in the years to come.

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