Saturday, June 15

Code-Free Web Design Platform Raises $7 Million to Change the Face of Web Design

What if designing a website was as easy as clicking and dragging a few images and text boxes? Thanks to a new web design platform, that dream is already here.

Webdyo is a free, cloud-based web design platform that automatically converts page designs into HTML code, and it just received $7 million dollars to challenge Adobe for the web design market.

Even before the game-changing investments from OurCrowd, Magna Ventures and independent parties, the B2B web design solution featured one of the fastest-growing designer communities in the world, with 93,000 users including web designers, studios and agencies. During the first quarter of 2014 alone, the community grew by 100%, with thousands of new designers joining every week.

With Webdyo, designers can create, manage and host customized websites without any need to learn code or hire outside developers, which according to Webdyo’s CEO Shmulik Grizim, accounts for 70% of website creation budgets and minimizes the role of the designer.

Again, designers don’t have to use a [em]single line of code.[/em] Essentially, they can lay out a website as freely and creatively as they would a mock-up in Indesign or Photoshop. The code generator converts their static design into functional websites with cross-platform code that’s updated regularly to industry standards.

Other B2B web solutions like WordPress and Drupal still use manual coding, and according to Grizim, even code-free solutions like Wix and Squarespace are mostly used by amateurs, while Webdyo is aimed at designers. Adobe is the main software provider for web designers, but it hasn’t provided a code-free solution for website creation.

Webdyo is disrupting the B2B market by putting the power back in the hands of the artist and designer, using a community based model which allows users to request new features and discuss tools that would be useful.

“One of the biggest challenges that website owners face is not the design aspect but the ability (or time) to generate the right content, the actual information that will be published in the website, which at the end of the day, is what will convince their prospects and before than anything else, be found in search engines” says Jorge of ibisstudio, a Web Design Company in Miami.

Webdyo hopes to reach out to the many small- to medium-sized businesses in the US and EU who still don’t have active websites by offering a service that cuts down the cost and time of coding a website manually.

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