Monday, July 15

Chicago Flooding Closes State Highway And Strands Drivers

Serious flooding is much more common than you might think. In fact, just days ago, a Chicago interstate was covered in water. “Storms brought up to 4 inches of rain to parts of the northern suburbs, flooding many streets and basements, and swelling some rivers past their banks,” CBS reports. The flooding temporarily closed an important highway, U.S. Route 41. “It was closed in both directions because of a flooded viaduct, which prompted Lake Bluff elementary and middle schools to cancel classes on Tuesday,” CBS continued. The flooding stranded large cargo trucks as well as drivers of more traditional vehicles. “Drivers in some places along Route 41 chose to abandon their vehicles. Firefighters from Knollwood rescued at least six people from their cars and at least one person from a home because of the rising water,” NBC continues. According to The National Weather Service, at one point, the storms left some sections of the highway and a railroad underpass flooded with approximately 10 feet of water.Lake County Deputy Coroner Jason Patt even saved a family of five during the flooding. The family was stuck in a black Toyota, wedged in a viaduct. When the deputy waded through the water to help, he tells CBS that the water was well-above the door handle.

“Flooding is very common in the United States. Residential structures are highly susceptible to flooding, this is especially true for older buildings because they are not equipped with modern drainage systems,” says Ken Fraine, P.E. at Drainage & Erosion Solutions. “Homes built before or around 1975 do not have any exterior drain systems to drain water away from the home, this makes checking for adequate waterproofing and drainage systems essential to avoiding costly water damage repairs.”

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