Saturday, July 13

Burglars Steal $1,300 Worth of… Nail Polish?

It seems that some people are more afraid of the fashion police than of regular law enforcement.

At the end of February, a thief stole 400 bottles of popular nail polish from the Nails and Spa 4U salon in Brooklyn, New York.

As reports, the theft occurred sometime between February 22 and 23. The burglar broke a latch on the salon’s rear window to enter, and made off with the merchandise, which was mostly a relatively new gel polish.

“Tuesday we lost a lot of business,” said Miriam Paredes, a salon employee. “We get a lot of people doing gels.”

As a result of the break-in, the salon was unable to open the next day.

“I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t open for the customers,” another salon worker named Nirean told the New York Post. “They took the expensive polish, OPI GelColor shellacs and Essie. They took 200 colors or more.”

According to police, the total value of the stolen nail polish comes to about $1,300.

In addition to the nail polish, the burglar also stole a Sony DVD player, and a data chip that affects the salon’s security cameras. Paredes also said that there was a laundry bag missing.

Believe it or not, the break-in at the salon was not the only weird crime to happen in the 90th Precinct at the time. also reports that a woman sent a pair of goons to get cash from a driver who had hit her car. When he said he didn’t have the money, the goons then beat him and destroyed his iPhone. Also, a 60-year-old man was put in a chokehold and mugged after he pulled over to buy coffee.

Despite the slew of crimes, the New York City Police Department reports that crime has decreased by 65.2% since 1999. However, the same data revealed that crime has also increased by 24.3% since 2009.

Police are still investigating the incident at the salon, searching for what may or may not be a particularly well-groomed thief.

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