Thursday, June 13

Are You Planting Your Flowers Right?

Flowers add beauty to the home’s exterior, but how people plant them can determine how they grow and their look eventually. One can watch this short video to learn how to plant flowers properly. Meanwhile, here is a simple process.

Dig a Hole

Ensure the hole is deep enough to cover the root and safely hold the plant. Leave enough room to fill the soil and dirt around it.

Video Source

Carefully Remove the Flower from the Pot

Place one hand on the base of the plant and use the other hand to tip the pot over so the plant comes off easily. One must ensure they don’t pull out the plant to prevent damaging the roots.

Loosen the Roots

Roughly loosen the roots to give them room to grow on the ground. One can use their fingers or a stick to tease the tips.

Place the Flower in the Ground

Place the flower in the hole with the roots in the soil and slowly fill it with dirt. Ensure the soil is not too tight.

Generously Water the Hole

Generously water the plant and its surroundings until the ground is soaked. Do this for a week to give the roots to adapt to the native soil.


This is a simple way of planting flowers correctly. Follow the steps to make a location blissful.


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