Sunday, June 23

5 Tips for Exterior Tile and Stone Installation

It goes without saying that exterior tile and stone can take the appearance of a building or floor to the next level. With tiled balconies in high demand, this video serves to give tips on installing exterior and balcony tiles. In detail, the video explains the percentage of porosity a tile must-have, with mention of the D.C.O.F levels all tiles must have if they are placed on outdoor walking space.

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Reminders to consult manufacturers about the suitability of the tile you would like to use for the environment you want to place it are given as well in this video.

Tips on movement joints and the measurements to work with are provided, so you can plan carefully and perfectly the way your tiles will and should be lined up. You will also find the building codes in this video that will act as guidelines to prevent seepage and other damage. Ways to protect the installation and properly seal tiles while setting up different types of tiles are listed. In conclusion, a note to use quality exterior installation products that can withstand hot, cold, or wet weather is given so you may enjoy your tiles no matter the season.

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